With so much pollution in our environment, there’s little doubt that bottled spa water is much better for us than unfiltered tap water.
The problem with this water is that by the time we get to drink it, after a long process of bottling, shipping, storage and shop display, it has lost most of it’s bioenergy – greatly reducing the effectiveness of its many potential health giving properties, whilst harmful chemicals can leach into the water from the bottle plastic.

nkd Pod+ filters

Even other bottle filtration systems, though effective in purification, still suffer from the fact that, like source bottled water, the tap water is clean but ‘dead’ water. nkd Pod+ filter takes ordinary water, cleans it, reconditions it, and supercharges it as you drink. Taking it way beyond all other bottle filtered waters, which simply carbon filter tap water.
nkd POD+ Bottle with built in filter 585ML. Tritan bottle with silicone finishDrink healthly clean safe water from taps, rivers and lakes.
Energise your water. Remove up to 99.9% of bacteria, viruses, parasites and more.
Slightly alkalise the water and increase antioxidants.


Replacement filter

Single replacement filter for use with the POD+ bottles.



Fire cap cover

Replacement cap for use with the POD+ bottles.